ARCHDEACON Brian Partington has said he is 'delighted' an enthronement date has been set for the new bishop, but admitted 'it's been a long time coming'.

The Reverend Graeme Knowles, who stepped down at the start of the month as Dean of Carlisle, will be consecrated as a bishop in York Minster, on December 4.

He will pay homage to the Queen at Buckingham Palace, on December 10, and will finally be installed and enthroned as Bishop of Sodor and Man at St German's Cathedral, Peel, on January 17.

'We are delighted that we know when the Bishop will be officially Bishop of Sodor and Man, on December 10, and will be able to work properly here when he is enthroned on January 17,' said Archdeacon Partington.

The appointment follows the retirement of Bishop Noel Jones, in April, and months of speculation over the identity of his successor.

'It's been a long time coming, longer than we'd hoped but we are delighted with the appointment and we look forward to some happy years here for him,' said the archdeacon.

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