Board set to fight Heritage’s plan

ARGUMENTS: The Heritage Homes site off Gardeners Lane

ARGUMENTS: The Heritage Homes site off Gardeners Lane

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RAMSEY Commissioners are set to take on Heritage Homes over an amended plan for Gardeners Lane.

They have voiced strong support for residents who have submitted a petition and letters objecting to the property developers’ plan.

The amended application is for 45 ‘primarily terraced’ houses on the east side of the lane – four fewer than the mixed development originally approved. The company recently won a planning appeal to widen the lane to allow access to the new estate.

The petition, organised by Nicholas Sykes of Greenlands, Gardeners Lane, and signed by 77 local residents, calls for the application to be subject to a public hearing. In an accompanying letter, he claimed that evidence given to the appeals’ inspector who recommended the road widening be approved was flawed.

At their meeting, the commissioners exressed concern the new plan had no toddlers’ play area and that areas of public open space had also altered considerably.

Leonard Singer moved that they object. ‘I still believe the egress is unacceptable,’ he said. ‘We should tell government we feel it is very detrimental that they did not hold out for a distributor road.’

Edwina Carlile said they should fight the plan. ‘It’s time Ramsey was put in the hands of the Ramsey people and those who elect them,’ he said.

Richard Radcliffe said: ‘The West Ramsey Plan is vastly different from what was first proposed. What has gone on here should not have happened. We should wind-up the planning committee and give the power back to the local people.’ Wilf Young maintained that the land was not fit to build on.

Lead member for works and development Kevin Mayne was the only member present who did not favour objecting to the scheme.

‘There are people who want to live in these houses,’ he commented.

A spokesman for Heritage Homes said: ‘We are disappointed that the commissioners have raised concerns, particularly as we had offered to meet and explain the proposal to them but received no reply.

‘Their concerns are, in any event, unfounded, particularly in respect of the highway arrangements, which have already been considered recently at inquiry and approved.

‘The development will contain a mix of terraced and semi-detached homes with two and three bedrooms, with larger plots/dwellings already approved on immediately adjoining land. It will also include extensive public open space which will satisfy planning policy requirements and which could accommodate play equipment if required. We would have hoped, especially in these difficult economic times, that the commissioners would encourage a proposal to provide homes for new and existing residents and which would represent a significant investment and vote of confidence in the town.’

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