Boys find message in a bottle from Canadian scout

Cameron Brown, left, and Jonty Bregazzi with the bottle and message they found on the beach at Knockaloe

Cameron Brown, left, and Jonty Bregazzi with the bottle and message they found on the beach at Knockaloe

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Two friends made a surprising discovery as they enjoyed a day out at a remote beach near Knockaloe.

Cameron Brown and Jonty Bregazzi, both aged 13, were out with their dads when they discovered a plastic bottle with a letter inside which had travelled all the way from Newfoundland in Canada.

The message was from five-year-old Lauren Fortune, from Torbay in Newfoundland, and was sent in June last year as part of her work to achieve her Cub Scout communications badge.

In the letter Lauren said that her favourite hobby is playing with her Barbie dolls, her favourite sport is gymnastics and her favourite video game is Mario Kart.

She said: ‘When this letter reaches you I would really like to hear from you. Please contact me and we can see how long this letter has been floating in the ocean before it reaches you.’

Cameron’s mum Vicky Brown said: ‘The boys were really excited about finding the message, particularly as it was on a really remote beach with access allowed by the tide once a year.’

Cameron, who lives in Braddan, and Jonty, who lives in St Mark’s, visited the beach with their dads, Ronnie Brown and Patrick Bregazzi. Patrick discovered the remote beach, which is only accessible at low tide, as a child.

After their discovery, the boys sent an email and Facebook message to the 1st Torbay Club Scouts and received a reply from the club leader who said the club had launched more than 60 messages and had only received five replies.

They also got in touch with Lauren’s dad, Shawn, who said Lauren prepared the letter with the help of her 10-year-old brother Eric. He said: ‘We are so excited to hear that you found Lauren’s message in a bottle after it’s trek across the North Atlantic Ocean!

‘The first thing we did when we received your email was to take our globe down from the mantle piece and see exactly where the Isle of Man was.

‘We are quite familiar with England and Ireland but had not heard of your island. Lauren thanks you for finding the bottle and communicating that to us.’

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