Brain tumour charity’s delight as Ashya’s parents are freed

Gerry Pishvaie

Gerry Pishvaie

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A Manx charity set up to support brain tumour sufferers has said it is delighted after Ashya King’s parents were freed from a Spanish prison.

Gerry Pishvaie of Naseem’s Manx Brain Tumour Charity wrote to Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday calling for the family to be reunited.

‘It is great news that he has been reunited with his mum and dad,’ she said.

‘The last few days must have been horrendous for the family.’

The five-year-old’s parents were imprisoned in Madrid after they removed him from hospital in Southampton in search of proton beam treatment abroad.

Gerry explained she decided to contact the Prime Minister as she had been contacted by a number of people in the island who were upset by the situation.

‘Whatever the facts of the situation facing Ashya King’s family our charity knows from its experience working with families over the last five years that separating a desperately sick child from its family will have significant emotional and psychological consequences.’

Gerry said: ‘I know a lot of families of brain tumour sufferers would do anything to try to find a cure for their child so I understand why they have taken him to seek another therapy.’

Brain tumour sufferer Naseem set up the charity 2009, shortly before she died.

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