Brown to go for president’s job

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CHIEF Minister Tony Brown has confirmed he plans to put his name forward for the president of Tynwald’s job.

iomtoday learned that Mr Brown informed the Council of Ministers of his intentions at their weekly meeting last week.

Mr Brown has now confirmed to us that he told ministers of his plans to stand for the president’s position, following the retirement of Noel Cringle last week.

Tynwald will elect a new president next month.

It is not clear what impact this would have on the government, should Mr Brown succeed, with a general election taking place in September. However, it is thought that there would be nothing to stop him remaining as chief minister for that short period.

But there would be a perceived conflict to have the head of parliament and the government as the same person so it is likely he would have to delegate his chief ministerial duties for someone else to chair the Council of Ministers.

The most likely candidates would be either Treasury Minister Anne Craine or Economic Development Minister Allan Bell.

So far, no one else has declared an intention to see appointment as president of Tynwald.

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