Budget means town’s hanging baskets axed

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RAMSEY is to lose some of its flower power, with news that budget limitations mean Ramsey Commissioners are to reduce the number of hanging baskets in the town centre.

Traders have been advised of the decision to remove of hanging baskets requiring maintenance by the commission with the exception of some displays at gateways to the town.

There are currently about 200 hanging displays in the town, which could now be significantly reduced.

The commissioners have written to traders offering them the opportunity to take responsibility for maintaining baskets outside their premises so they may remain in place until after Manx Grand Prix. For those traders who do not wish to assume responsibility for maintenance the commissioners will arrange for the displays to be removed.

Commissioners’ chairman Captain Nigel Malpass said: ‘At a time of budgetary constraints the lead member for parks and leisure has led a review of how we can best channel our resources. The commission maintains the hanging baskets free of charge, but given that major regeneration and building works are taking place in the town centre, the displays’ impact is being considerably reduced.’

He added: ‘We will, however, maintain baskets and displays at gateway sites to the town until after the Manx Grand Prix, and hope that some traders may choose to look after the displays outside their premises at their own expense. I would add that with what are likely to be fewer displays to maintain in the town centre, our parks and works departments will be able to focus their attention on Mooragh Park to ensure it remains the town’s prime year-round leisure attraction.’

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