Bus drivers reject latest DCCL offer

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BUS drivers have rejected the latest proposals from the Department of Community, Culture and Leisure over changes to their terms and conditions.

It was hoped that the department’s proposed agreement would spell a possible break-through in the long running dispute.

Eric Holmes of Unite the Union said that 79 ballot papers were returned out of a total of 103 sent out to members.

Of those, 23 voted in favour of accepting the proposals, compared with 56 against.

When asked what would happen next, Mr Holmes said: ‘The Manx Industrial Relations Service have stated they want to keep our option to ballot for further strike action open for an extra seven days while further talks are made with the workforce.’

The DCCL had said the proposed agreement balanced the department’s wish to see increased operational efficiencies with the union’s wish to protect the interests of its members.

It was the latest move in the long-running dispute over changes to Bus Vannin drivers’ terms and conditions, including the loss of paid lunch breaks.

The first strike took place on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday before Christmas.

This was followed by a half-day stoppage on January 17.

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