Callister says Robertshaw is disingenuous

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The row between Onchan Commissioners and the government over housing authority reform is continuing.

Onchan chairman Rob Callister describes the latest letter to him from Social Care Minister Chris Robertshaw as ‘disingenuous’.

Mr Robertshaw is set to put proposals before Tynwald on November 7, which are said to include plans for larger regional housing authorities.

In the letter, Mr Robertshaw also asserts that Mr Callister may have misunderstood the process by which the legislation – the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2011 – came into being, and claims that this has already been the subject of ‘full consultation’.

Mr Callister said: ‘Mr Robertshaw’s views on “full consultation” are decidedly different to anyone else’s.

‘I can state with confidence that he is quite demonstrably wrong that the clauses have ever been consulted upon.

‘In fact this new clause effectively strips any housing authority of the right to operate its own housing list or make its own allocations, by granting a massive increase in the department’s powers.’

Mr Robertshaw responded by saying: ‘I’m disappointed Rob should take that view. He seems determined to continue our exchange through the media.

‘For the last year I’ve pursued full engagement with local authorities.’

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