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The painting by L.Brion

The painting by L.Brion

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A Belgian man whose grandfather was interned in the island during the 1940s is appealing for help in his search for a lost painting.

Max Christiaen visited the island on his motorbike in July and visited the site of the former Peveril internment camp, where his grandfather was held during the Second World War.

Max said: ‘I met a lot of very kind and helpful people in the island and visited several houses where the Belgian internees used to live, in Ramsey and in Peel.

‘I had some very interesting conversations with people who knew a lot about the camps that were on the island.

‘During my visit I had also hoped to find out more about a religious painting that was done by a Belgian internee during the war.

‘I tried the Leece Museum and the commissioners and although I spoke to a lot of people about the painting and showed the picture of it to many others, nobody was able to give me any further information about it.’

The painting is signed by an internee called L. Brion and Max said that he has others by the same artist.

‘I have one of Peel Castle hanging on my wall, so I would love to know if [the missing painting] still exists, said Max. ‘For me it is part of the history of where Belgian internees lived during the war.’

If you can help, contact Max via or via Isle of Man Newspapers.

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