Capital makes island visitors welcome

One of the banners depicting the Jubilee Clock

One of the banners depicting the Jubilee Clock

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A warm and colourful welcome in words and images is what visitors to Douglas can expect thanks to a new set of lamp post adornments.

The new set of ‘Welcome to Douglas’ banners are being positioned on 80 of the capital’s lamp posts lining the west side of the promenades.

Douglas graphic designer Emma Cooke of EJC Design is the artist behind the creations. The new banners feature ‘Welcome to Douglas’ messages in a variety of colours. They are also decorated with a range of well known sites, picturesque locations and visitor attractions from different locations around the island.

Commenting on the new feature, council leader, David Christian, said: ‘Douglas has an important role to play as the gateway to the rest of the Isle of Man.

‘It is therefore essential that the capital projects a positive and welcoming image: much progress in this is already being made through town centre regeneration schemes.

‘These banners complement those projects while the images provide visitors with a glimpse of the diversity of the island’s magnificent scenery and its rich heritage, which we hope will ignite their curiosity and inspire them to discover more about the Isle of Man.’

One of the banners features the Jubilee clock in its new position at the end of Victoria Street and another shows the Tower of Refuge in Douglas Bay beneath a large rainbow.

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