Care Pathway review for Isle of Man

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THE island will implement any best practice recommendations that come out of UK review into the Liverpool Care Pathway for dying patients, the Health Minister told the House of Keys.

David Anderson, replying to a question from Kate Beecroft (Lib Van, Douglas South) said there had been a lot of adverse media coverage about the care being given to dying patients. But he said these concerns had come about where the Pathway had not been fully implemented.

Reports in the UK media suggest families have been shocked to find loved ones put on the Pathway without their consent – and had fluids, food and medication withdrawn.

Mr Anderson said UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt wants a revamp of the NHS Constitution to ensure medical professionals speak to relatives before implementing the Pathway. But he said that this was already enshrined within the Liverpool Care Pathway.

He said an audit in the Isle of Man showed 95 per cent compliance with the standard relating to communication with relatives. He said the recent appointment of a Liverpool Care Pathway co-ordinator would ensure high standards were built on. ‘We will ensure we implement any further best practice recommendations that come out of the review,’ he said.

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