Cars torched in Port St Mary drama

Torched car part way down cliff above Perwick Bay, Port St Mary (Picture: Alex Maddrell)

Torched car part way down cliff above Perwick Bay, Port St Mary (Picture: Alex Maddrell)

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TWO cars were torched in Port St Mary in the early hours of this morning (Wednesday, June 6).

Arnie Patel, 18, raised the alarm when he saw ‘a massive ball of fire’ outside his house in Perwick Road.

‘At around 1am, I heard a big crash, a “pop” outside the house,’ he said. ‘I thought it was nothing, but as I was going to bed, I saw in the window the reflection of flashes of orange and red. There was a massive ball of fire outside. I started locking everything up. Then we called the police.’

He woke his parents Daxa and Manoj. Daxa said: ‘At 1am Anand came in and said: “I need to show you something”, I heard a bang and saw fire and flames. There were flames on the hedge, I called 999. I went to have a look and saw a car, then the fire brigade and police came up.’

She said at that point, they noticed there was another car in flames on the golf course, just below their house, adding: ‘They must have taken that car onto the course along the unadopted road between Hippany and Willoughby, It was towards hole 2 of the golf course.’

Arnie added the first car he spotted had been driven over the high kerb at a bend in Perwick Road, mounted the kerb and then crashed over a low wall, breaking through railings and falling some distance down the slope towards the sea. As it came to a rest, it scorched the surrounding gorse and shrubbery. The passenger door was open.

‘The wall was broken,’ he said. ‘This suggested it was rammed at speed. I did not hear any screeching.’

Neither car has number plates. The police were contacted on Wednesday morning about a missing car which may be connected to the incident.

Sergeant Paul Kemp said: ‘The fire service and police responded, two vehicles were alight. An extensive search was carried out including the coastguard for injured parties, but no one was found.

‘It is suspicious. A person or people could have burns and their clothing would smell of smoke. It’s a difficult one for family or friends, but they should come forward with information.’

He added their investigations are ongoing into how the car got down the slope. He urged the public to lock cars and houses. He also asked anyone missing a car to get in touch.

He added such an incident ‘is fairly unheard of in the Isle of Man - all our options are open.’

Any information should be given to Port Erin police station, phone 832222 or supplied anonymously to Crimestoppers, phone 0800 555111.

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