Cathedral logo wins praise

The cathedral's logo

The cathedral's logo

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St German’s Cathedral’s new logo has won praise from a New York design website. describes the design, by Titman Firth, as ‘remarkable’ and ‘light years ahead of anything else’.


The article, written by Chris Dickman, then goes into detail of what the ‘two squiggly lines’ in the logo represents.

The larger line on the right is a ‘G’ in reference to St German, in whose name the cathedral is dedicated.

In the left hand line is the semblance of a fish, which is not only a symbol of Christianity but also relates to Peel’s fishing industry.

Also represented in the logo is a bishop’s crozier or staff.

The sense of motion in the logo is in phase with the Three Legs of Man.

The writer goes on to say, ‘I think the design stands on its own. I can only hope that other churches will take note of this refreshing design direction’.

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