Celtic League backs code of conduct for judiciary

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The Celtic League has welcomed news of the code of conduct for members of the Manx judiciary.

Last week First Deemster Doyle launched the 22-point guide of expected behaviour, standards and responsibilities of judicial members, the first of its kind for the island.

A year ago the political campaign group expressed concern about the lack of judicial oversight regulation in the Isle of Man, as compared with Ireland, where the recent establishment of a Judicial Council provided a forum for anyone with a complaint about judicial conduct.

The League complained at that time that the system meant senior judicial figures were no subject to independent scrutiny and were ‘accountable to no one’.

The Celtic League now welcomes the new Manx code, which it says goes some way to meeting the deficiency it highlighted last year, though it expresses concern that it is, in essence, still self-regulatory.

A spokesman added: ‘There is no doubt that an early review is warranted, which should lead to some regulatory oversight being added to make the code more than a PR exercise for the Courts of Justice.’

l The Celtic League describes itself as ‘an inter-Celtic organisation that campaigns for the political, language, cultural and social rights of the Celtic nations’.

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