Civil Partnership bill progresses through Keys

THE Civil Partnership Bill passed its clauses stage in the House of Keys – with its mover Allan Bell insisting: 'This is a really important day for the Isle of Man.'

The bill would enable same-sex couples to obtain legal recognition of their relationship through a civil partnership, and remove restrictions so they could adopt.

The Economic Development Minister said that the Island had been a 'pariah' in terms of equality legislation but was now 'opening up opportunities for people without prejudice and bigotry which they had suffered in the past'.

Only two MHKs voted against the Bill – Health Minister David Anderson (Glenfaba) and Geoff Corkish (Douglas West).

Mr Anderson highlighted research in Scandinavia which suggested that the success rates of civil partnerships were considerably lower than those in traditional marriages.

Mr Bell replied that he was not aware of such research, but its claims of a high failure rate did not mean they should not pursue civil partnership rights for the people of the Isle of Man.

David Cannan MHK (Michael) did not oppose the Bill but said his one objection was that it allowed a couple in civil partnership to adopt.

'I've not got an objection to two men or two ladies living together. But this is about a third person. The third person is the child. That child has human rights also.

'What we are saying is the child has no human rights in saying it wants to be adopted by a natural family or a civil partnership.'

Quintin Gill MHK (Rushen) said: 'The concept of normal and natural family is not one we should subscribe to.

'To put it bluntly, I would prefer a child to be happy than to be unhappy in an unhappy family relationship.'

He added: 'The interests of the child are paramount and that's already in statute.'


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No, this is NOT an important day for the Isle of Man, this is a DISGRACE!!!! Don't get me wrong, I do not mind gay people but do not let them adopt! To grow up to be well-balanced adults children need role models of both sexes. Where is this world heading!? What happened to traditional family values and balance? Pull yourself together people.


Why is everyone so upset about this? If gay people are to have equality, change the civil marriage regulations and let them get married. They're people, just like you & me.


K – Your attitude is bigoted and homophobic. You are a disgrace to the human race.


K - don't forget the single parents who obviously cannot bring up a child to be a well balanced adult being able to provide only a single role model - your words. Personally though if you are willing to take on the responsibility of raising a child and financial strain of putting them through education etc then fair play to you – be you a hetro or homo sexual couple it matters not. This is an important day for the Island as it finally throws off the stereotypes for being homophobic and prudish and about time too.


K, it sounds like it's you who needs to pull yourself together. Any adoptions will be dealt with in the normal way. As always the adoptive child will be the most important person in these cases, we haven't signed up to a perverts charter. Get off your reactionary high horse and relax. Well done to Mr Gill, the voice of reason in this case.


To K…………….. one only has to walk the streets at night to see how well the role models of both sexes have done to make the youngsters of today well balanced and all that crap! Maybe being adopted by a gay couple will help make the child more understanding and more tolerant instead of the mass of homophobic bigots we have in society today. And your comment " I do not mind gay people" makes you a homophobic bigot too! What a silly thing to say. Why should you mind gay people? It's just like me saying I don't mind black people! You should remember that we are all equal and all have rights! Maybe those two buffoons who voted against the bill should remember that too!


K – were you the assigned host to Mr A A Gill during his visits here?


Good to see K proving AA Gill right…


K – If the law followed your premise (that "well-balanced adults need role models of both sexes"), single parenthood would be outlawed so this is hardly a practical or humane approach. Furthermore, there is unfortunately plenty of evidence of imbalanced children in unhappy or abusive heterosexual marriages and unless there are specific case studies to suggest otherwise, it would seem that it is not the sex of the parents that determine the happiness of a child but how much that child is valued. This is a step forward for the Island, not a disgrace, as you suggest and if you don't like where it is heading then I would make use of some local advice: There's a boat in the morning.

MT, Douglas

God created man and woman to form a family. Period. Same sex couples can live together but should not expect to receive the same rights as a 'natural' family. Is the Isle of Man still a Christian nation? Just asking.


I think gay people should have the right to be as miserable as other married couples (joking) . Congrats IOM, we are finally joining the club of progressive liberal states.


Ref K,I my self am straight and do not have a problem with gay people. I think your comments are a disgrace and you should get a grip of your self,you are obviously a bitter person,you should be a ashamed of your self.

SEAN, Douglas

Well done K. Do not let these 'do gooders' get you down. They ruin everything that's why things get in a mess. If you want to be gay fine, do it behind closed doors and do not promote it as being normal. It is not. The wardens will be wearing slippers next not to wake the inmates at the Jurby Hotel.


Stan: It's every man's right to have babies if he wants them.

Reg: But ... you can't HAVE babies!

Stan: Don't you oppress me!

Reg: I'm not oppressing you, Stan. You haven't got a womb!


R - I don't think K is being bigotted or homophobic albeit the disgrace comment was a bit ott. But it's a valid point. I agree that gay couples should be allowed to live however they choose and that civil partnerships should be allowed in the island. Nobody has the right to judge how someone else chooses to lead their private life so long as they aren't hurting society. That said, the idea of homosexual couples being allowed to adopt doesn't sit easily with me. To put it bluntly, children are the result of heterosexual relationships and I for one genuinely believe that children flourish best in a loving home with a father and a mother. Call it balance if you will. Lots of people will harp on and point out that a lot of children come from broken homes which is true but so what? Nobody is putting that forward as an ideal situation either. Others will claim that some homosexual couples would provide a more loving home than some nuclear families. I can't argue with this either as my best friend is gay and I know that he'd make a much better father than many of the other twits I know that have numerous kids and spend half their life in the boozer but then people like this shouldn't be set as the minimum bar for parenthood. I see someone's sexuality as being an adult issue and whilst I do truly understand the desire of gay couples to be parents I just can't help but feel that by allowing this, we are putting the rights of the adult ahead of the rights of the child. Anyway R, if you feel that strongly, perhaps you should go and do some good work in Malawi.


I'am one half of a gay couple ,long before I met my partner I was married and had 3 beautifull children,my partner was engaged and his fiance also had 3 children,we have been together for 7 years in December of this year.In October of last year my 13 year old daughter came to live with myself and my partner,since arriveing here she has settled in extremley well at school has made some fantastic new friends all of whom know that she lives with her father and his partner,and each and every one of those friends has been to our home at one point or another. We have had no problems at all and most importantly neither has my daughter,in fact she is a better person for liveing in an enviroment like ours she is more open minded and willing to accept others for who they are and not what they are. At the very influencial age of 13 she is also becoming more and more interested in whats happening around her and obviously we as a family discuss things in the news like the civil partnership bill,her words "SO WHATS THE PROBLEM ?"

I wonder if the MHK'S realise that the children of today will in a very short term be the voteing public of tomorrow,we all know how cruel old age can play on ones memory but im sure my daughter will not forget the biggots who opposed the bill.


Dear All, I'm glad there are other people who think too that gay marriages and adoption should not be acceptable. Please try to think of long term consequences of any pro gay legislation and gloryfication. It should concern us all what our civilisation is turning into, our moral obligation as society is not to praise and idolise any sort of disproportion and imperfection but work on and contribute towards overall balance and harmony. Unfortunately, sooner or later there will come a day when all those putting homosexualism on a pedestal will be regretting accepting it as a natural thing. It will be too late then to adapt to old and better world order. I will be always proud of my beliefs and will firmly stand by them no matter how controversial they are. Even though you say I'm a bigoted person I'm not, unlike you I'm not a comformist blindly adopting the sick attitudes, beliefs and behaviour of a mass consumption society which does not have and is scared to voice own opinion.


Those people against same sex couples adopting – how about you all put yourselves forward to adopt or foster the children out there who are currently in care homes because there aren't enough people out there willing to give them a loving family. If it worries you that much then you give that child a home – if not don't complain about those willing to open their homes and hearts to these kids.


I am a gay man, I do not mind straight people as long as they keep themselves to themselves and do it behind closed doors. Why shouldn't we not be allowed to adopt?? Are we going to turn them gay??? Either way if you are opposed to gay adoption you are a homophobic bigot – you cannot deny this!!


RT, The Isle of Man isn't a Christian nation. It is a place that has some Christians living in it. I am horrified that you might look at me and think of me as a Christian.


So much bitterness and anger is being shown here by some of the people who are supporting this bill. R, IN THE KNOW, MT, SEAN, Douglas, MK, are these the levels of your argument for gay adoption? Calling people names? A better policy for you to take is to demonstrate why you think gay adoption is a good thing. Calling someone names because they disagree with you does nothing for your argument and makes you as much of a bigot. Do we live in a society of fear where its impossible to express our views. Everyone who disagrees much be full of hate? Whereas I don't agree with K's comments I will defend K's rights to say them without fear of persecution. MK you state that if you are against gay adoption you must be a homophobic bigot. Why is that? Do you normally call someone a homophobic bigot when you don't get your way? CATTY we do live in a Christian nation and has been for a very long time. The Island has people of many beliefs and faiths who live and worship here but the Island itself is a a Christian country. The main premise of a Christian culture is one of 'love thy neighbour' do you not agree to that? I agree that civil partnerships are long overdue on the Island and perhaps gay adoption as well. It is the current social system that is wrong, it encourages people to not marry and to have kids. You can obtain more money for having children and not working than actually marrying, working and then having children. The PC brigade has forced this upon us all and anyone who disagrees must be the one in the wrong and they are quickly labelled as such. Children can't be punished now for doing something wrong and a generation of children are growing up knowing that they can't be punished for wrong doing thanks to the PC brigade. Perhaps the government should do more to promote marriages (and civil partnerships) and make it beneficial to be so, or will I now be labelled as one who is anti single parents? The government should encourage people to work and not live on the social with their hand out wanting money that will give an example to our children that working is worth it and not the one where its ok not to work as the government will pay for my rent and give me money. As for balance I am not suggesting that single parents are not hard working, they are, the Government does not encourage married life enough in my eyes. I prepare to now be flamed.

AR, Douglas

Well, AR I won't be flaming you, but I do disagree about the Christian nation. We are a secular nation. The notion that just because in the past the people were a superstitious bunch that worshipped supernatural beings doesn't mean (to me at least) that we are by association Christian. I most certainly am not. I don't believe in any supernatural beings, Gods, fairies, ghosts, whatever.


K. You have your head in the clouds What are you talking about?

Having roll models of both sex? There are many single mums who do an excellent job or raising their children with or without a farther figure. I also see a lot of people say gays should be aloud do live together but not to adopt and that the Island is a Christian nation.

Gay rights have nothing to do with religion. Im sick of people hiding behind it and making excuses why gay people cannot be given equal rights. I personally am not religious and our laws should be passed fairly and not bias by religious views. A few people have also said fine if you are gay but keep it behind closed doors/ Why should we? I don't complain when a man and a woman walk down town holding hands and kissing in the street. If I did I should imagine there would be uproar.


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