Civil partnership law takes effect

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GAY rights campaigners have welcomed the island’s new Civil Partnership Act which has now received Royal Assent.

The gay Humanist charity the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT) said the new law was a positive step.

The group’s secretary George Broadhead said: ‘As a Manxman myself who was born on the Isle of Man in 1933 and realised I was gay at school in the 1940s, I know only too well what a frightful homophobic place it was - much of it stemming, as elsewhere, from religious bigotry. ‘Activists on the island itself and the rest of the UK launched a campaign to get the law changed and I am proud to have played a part in this.

‘I entered into a civil partnership in the UK in 2006 and I am delighted that my fellow Manx gays are now able to do the same.’

Mr Broadhead added that homosexuality was illegal in the Isle of Man until 1992 and as a result, the island was subject to a boycott by UK trade unions, which had held many conferences here.

He said it was to be applauded that the new law, coming in to effect on April 6, will give civil partners the same rights as married couples regarding inheritance, pensions and tax allowances.

Treasury Minister Anne Craine said this week registration fees for civil partnerships would mirror those applicable to other birth, marriage and death registrations.

‘Where they are not comparable they have been calculated according to the work required,’ Mrs Craine said.

The total revenue estimated to be generated by the fees in the coming year was £800, she added.

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