‘Close call’ for island as Storm Frank slides past

The front of Ronaldsway Airport

The front of Ronaldsway Airport

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The island seems to have escaped the worst of last night’s Storm Frank.

Adrian Cowin from the Met Office at Ronaldsway said that rainfall on Tuesday night was a ‘little less than predicted’.

He said: ‘Severe gales caused some minor damage, there were reports of a number of trees and a couple of power cables down.

‘Gales at the airport were recorded at 57mph with 65mph in Douglas and Peel Harbour.

‘As you would expect the highest gales were at Douglas breakwater where 73mph was recorded and between 76 and 84mph over the Mountain Road.

‘There was quite a range of rainfall recorded with between 10mm and 20mm, and 30 to 50mm over hills.

‘So it was a little less than we thought, but it was a close call.’

He said: ‘Watching the radar overnight the more persistant rain clobbered parts of Northern Ireland and southern Scotland and slid just past us.

‘Douglas Promenade and Shore Road in Gansey suffered some splashover with seaweed and stones left behind and this is expected again at around 2.30pm this afternoon.’

Talking about the next few days, Adrian said: ‘It will continue quite unsettled with gales at times and further bands of rain but just normal bands and there are no significant issues expected.’

Last night, police reported Glenfaba Road at The Raggatt being closed for a period while a fallen tree was removed and trees being down at Sulby Straight and Tholt-y-Will Road.

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