Commissioners’ firmer stance on moving tenants to smaller homes

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The tenant of a Ramsey Commissioners three-bedroom house who is unhappy at being asked to transfer to smaller accommodation has contacted Housing Matters, a charity that gives advice on tenancies and landlord disputes.

The charity has confirmed that the commissioners are within their rights to request the move and that the alternative accommodation offered is perfectly acceptable for the tenant’s needs. The commissioners have now resolved that, if the offer of alternative accommodation is rejected, the tenant will be issued with a formal notice to quit their present accommodation.

In a separate matter concerning housing allocations, the board has made a request to the Department of Social Care to reduce the age of eligibility for tenants occupying Yew Tree Apartments, Ballure Road, from 45 to 40 years.

The housing committee has reported that the number of tenants on the arrears list has reduced as a result of earlier intervention in cases where tenants have failed to meet the terms of their agreement i.e. to make rental payments weekly in advance.

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