Communications breakdown at DoI?

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INFRASTRUCTURE Minister Phil Gawne told MHKs his department is reviewing its communications policy following recent criticism.

He said there had been criticism on how the department communicated with local businesses and communities on planned works to the highways.

But he denied the suggestion from fellow Rushen MHK Juan Watterson that there had been ‘significant communications failures’, insisting that would be an exaggeration of the position.

He added: ‘The department has around 800 employees, who work very hard for the benefit of the people they serve. Highways division alone receives around 7,000 customer contacts a month.

‘As a result of the last two Budgets, the department has a significantly reduced resource to deliver its work. Occasionally, officers in the department do make mistakes.’

He added: ‘However, we are working towards improving communications, but I also have regular discussions with my chief executive to develop ways in which such mistakes can be minimised.

‘There is a revised departmental communications policy which we are just finishing off at the moment. I would intend to make sure that was public.’

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