Condemn Syria – Bishop

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BISHOP Robert Patterson has asked Chief Minister Allan Bell MHK to condemn the atrocities in Syria.

The bishop expressed his concerns in a letter which was sent to Mr Bell, following the recent artocity in Houla in Syria, which included the murder of 108 sunni Muslims, 49 of them were children, by the Alawite militiamen loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.

The actions have continued as a result of the violation of peace agreements.

The murders has brought condemnation not only by the United Nations Security Council but by many civilised nations.

The bishop stated in his letter: ‘It is important that governments which flout basic human rights and connive an injustice should be shunned and their actions condemned by all, great and small, who uphold human rights and value justice.

‘It is for this reason I call on you, on behalf of your government and island, publicly to condemn the atrocities in Syria.’

‘You remember that I raised questions some time ago about Bahrain and I trust that the government is keeping a watching brief on the ongoing suppression of free speech there and in other countries of the world, so our economy does not profit from others’ pain.’

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