Costs of AG trial will be released – but not yet

Stephen Harding

Stephen Harding

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Releasing details of the cost of the Attorney General’s trial would be inappropriate while disciplinary proceedings are continuing, MHKs were told.

In the House of Keys, Brenda Cannell (Douglas East) had asked Treasury Minister Eddie Teare to give details of the cost to the government of Stephen Harding’s trial, including preparatory costs.

Mr Harding, 52, of Glen Vine, was formally found not guilty of charges of perjury and committing acts against public justice last month after juries failed to reach a verdict at his trial and subsequent retrial.

But Mr Teare told the Keys that while trial proceedings have now concluded, Mr Harding remains under a ‘precautionary suspension while established internal procedures continue’.

He added: ‘I am advised that releasing any information regarding costs may prejudice ongoing proceedings and therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.’

Mr Teare gave MHKs his assurance that he would provide a detailed breakdown of costs once matters have been finalised.

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