Council produces 750,000 bedding plants for displays

Praise for Council's parks and gardens''Summer bedding on Queens promenade

Praise for Council's parks and gardens''Summer bedding on Queens promenade

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Douglas Council has revealed the details and thinking behind the work that goes into the green areas and floral displays across the town.

Staff at the council’s Ballaughton Nursery have been credited with producing more than 750,000 bedding plants, and preparing more than 400 hanging baskets. Nursery foreman Graham Newsome said: ‘We have had some very favourable comments about the beds on Queen’s Promenade, the bulk of that show having come from cuttings of argyranthemum taken last autumn and over-wintered at the nursery.’

Mr Newsome said that hanging baskets and containers were watered and fed six days a week in the early morning. He added that all compost used at the nursery was sourced locally from sterilised topsoil and organic matter came from the nursery’s plant waste.

Displays include a poppy motif in the sunken gardens on the promenade, created to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Royal British Legion. The raised flowerbed outside the Sefton Hotel has a Commonwealth Youth Games theme, and many other autumn-flowering plant displays are due to be in bloom for the games.

Leisure services committee chairman Councillor Stephen Pitts said: ‘The efforts of the council’s parks section have earned praise from many residents and visitors who were impressed, as I have been, by the magnificent displays throughout the town, from the hanging baskets and planters along Victoria Street to the carpet bedding in Noble’s Park.’

Council leader Councillor David Christian said: ‘Research has shown that attractive, well-managed public parks, gardens and green open spaces play a vital role in local communities and can contribute to their economic, social and environmental well- being. An independent report this year by the UK National Ecosystem Assessment revealed that the health benefits of living with a view of a green space has been estimated to be worth up to £300 per person a year.

‘It is against this background and despite these challenging economic times that the council remains committed to improving the local environment,’ he added.

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