Counting the cost of flooding

Waves crash on to College Green and Castletown Promenade

Waves crash on to College Green and Castletown Promenade

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The Isle of Man Government, residents and business owners are again counting the cost after the island suffered a barrage of tidal flooding.

One of the hardest hit areas was Mooragh Promenade, in Ramsey, where a large hole appeared in the walkway.

Department of Infrastructure maintenance manager Alan Hardinge said rock armour had been put there to protect against further damage until repairs are carried out.

‘A decision will have to be made what the long-term solution will be,’ he said.

‘Whatever we come up will be fairly expensive.

‘We will have to design something now to match the conditions.’

He said there were lots of areas on the island’s coast that needed further inspection to assess the damage ‘and probably will require more long-term solutions’.

These include at Bay ny Carrickey, which still needs repairs from the January flooding, Port St Mary’s catwalk, and Douglas promenades, where the railings have sustained quite a lot of damage.

Mr Hardinge said that lessons had been learned from the January flooding.

The tidal flooding then is estimated to have cost government £300,000.

And he said that the defences that were in place in Laxey, Castletown and Ramsey were a success.

‘We hope residents and businesses would appreciate what’s been done there.

‘As far as we’re aware, very few, if any properties flooded.’

He said that anywhere between 20,000 to 25,000 sandbags had been distributed.

Meanwhile, Mr Hardinge warned that the roads were also being hit by the weather.

‘It’s been relentless the last six to eight weeks,’ he said.

‘The amount of water we’ve had must be damaging the highways as well, you can see by the number of pot holes, the ground is just saturated.

‘It’s probably causing long-term problems.’

One business that suffered damage was Utopia in Castlemona Colonnade, Douglas, with a large wave taking a door off its hinges.

Several customers got stuck inside the salon until the tide receded.

Kestrel Insurance director James O’Connor said it was vital that home and business owners remain vigilant and aware of up-to-date weather warnings and take action to lessen the impact as much as possible.

He issued the following advice:

- Make sure you remain up-to-date and aware of any adverse weather forecasts through local news and social media

- Protect your assets as best as you can to try and minimise loss and damage

- Check your insurance policy to make sure that it is well within date and take out a renewal if necessary, but;

- Inform your insurance provider if your home or business is located within a high risk flood area. Failure to do so could invalidate a claim

- Inform your insurer of any loss as soon as it is possible to do so.

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