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INTERNATIONAL director of Creation Research John Mackay will be visiting the island this month to present a series of public lectures and seminars on the subject of Origins, Creation and Evolution.

Mr Mackay is renowned for debating some of the world’s leading evolutionists, including Richard Dawkins.

He accepted the invitation from a local interdenominational group of Christians to return to the Isle of Man after challenging seminars in 2003.

Mr Mackay has been lecturing on the subject of origins and doing field research worldwide for the last 30 years.

Arriving on Thursday, October 25, he begins his speaking tour that evening on his role of director of Creation Research.

On Friday, October 26, he will present a public lecture at The Studio in Douglas, in the upper car park opposite the Palace Cinema, at 7pm on the subject of climate change. Mr Mackay will explore questions many ask, such as whether man is causing global warming or is the climate change debate simply a source of tax revenue?

This will be followed by a series of seminars on Christian apologetics on Saturday, October 27, and speaking engagements in the morning and evening services on the Sunday, October 28, at Broadway Baptist Church in Douglas.

Anyone interested in hearing Mr Mackay at any of these speaking engagements can get more information by calling his local contact, John Harris, on 462003.

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