CrossFit star steps up a gear

Erin Bonett in action at the Battle of London. Picture by Pete Williamson

Erin Bonett in action at the Battle of London. Picture by Pete Williamson

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Erin Bonett continues to make a name for herself in the growing sport of CrossFit.

The Kirk Michael woman, aged 25, recently competed against an international field at the two-day Battle of London, a major European competition held at the Copper Box Arena in the Olympic Park, where she finished in 30th place, the 10th highest-placed UK athlete.

Having finished 59th in the same event last year, the result marks a significant improvement and places her in good stead as she harbours hopes of qualifying for the European Region event, which features the top 48 athletes from across the continent, later in the year.

For the uninitiated, CrossFit comprises a mixture of events covering Olympic weight lifting, power lifting and gymnastics, and endurance events such as running, rowing and swimming, earning it the nickname ‘the sport of fitness’. It is currently being considered for Olympic inclusion.

Alongside husband and trainer Dan Bonett, Erin runs CrossFit IOM gym in Kirby Farm Industrial Estate in Braddan, which means she’s able to dedicate plenty of time and energy to the range of skills needed to compete at a high level.

Explaining the Battle of London, Dan said: ‘Erin had to complete six workouts over two days where specific repetitions of prescribed movements had to be done as fast as possible to compete for the fastest time or maximum repetition in a given time.

‘These included 200 double unders [fast skipping where the rope has to pass under the feet twice for every one jump], 12 heavy sled pulls, 30 handstand press ups, a weightlifting series which Erin completed at 72.5kg, 30 clean and jerks at 55kg, a run, 63 kettle bell swings at 24kg, 36 chest-to-bar pull ups where the chest must make contact with the bar on each pull up, 24 single-arm kettle bell squat clean at 24kg, 27 box jumps at 24 inches, 15 ring muscle ups, which is a ring pull up with an explosive transition into a ring dip, 107 burpee bar overs [a press up style movement where your chest has to touch the floor and then you jump up and over your Olympic bar before dropping down to the floor again], three minutes on an Airdyne bike, approximately 45 goblet squats with a 24kg kettle bell, 55 down ups [the same as a burpee but without the jump, so chest to floor and then standing up to full extension], 50 pistol single leg squats [similar to a squat but on one leg, ensuring the other foot doesn’t touch the floor] and 50 toes to bar [where the athlete hangs from the pull up rig and then touches both feet up to the bar the hands are holding].’

Dan added: We are hoping Erin qualifies for the European Region and this seems more than achieveable as the Battle of London was primarily a European competition with some athletes travelling from as far as the USA.

‘Qualifiers start on February 27 and run for five weeks. Up until this point I have evaluated some of Erin’s weaker points from the Battle of London in comparison to the top athletes and her training focus will be on improving these areas.

‘If Erin finishes in the top 48 then she will compete in Denmark at the end of May. The top three athletes at that event will go to the world games in July.’

Erin paid tribute to sponsors Clean Fitness Apparel for their continued support.

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