Customer service is backbone of success

CUSTOMER CARE: Bridson and Horrox's Tommy Crowe says the company is focused on customer need

CUSTOMER CARE: Bridson and Horrox's Tommy Crowe says the company is focused on customer need

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CUSTOMER service is what sets a company apart, and it’s something upon which printing firm Bridson and Horrox prides itself.

Winning last year’s Customer Service Award at the Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence, then, was hugely satisfying for the company.

Tommy Crowe, operations director at Bridson and Horrox, said: ‘To achieve this was indeed an honour for the company and is the reward for many decades of operating a family-owned business and doing what we’ve always done for 77 years – listening to our customers and providing them with the highest standards in service and quality.’

He continued: ‘There is nothing particularly original, clever or special about what we have achieved. Our approach is to ignore all the “sky is falling” protestations and keep firmly focused on meeting the needs of our customers.’

Tommy said this has been the ‘backbone’ of Bridson and Horrox’s success since the company began.

‘Every objective is to improve the quality and value of our products and the strength of our service so that we not only satisfy our customers, they are genuinely delighted with our service and our company.’

Said Tommy: ‘I’m a massive supporter of the Awards, it’s a prestigious event. Manx people need to buy into it, certainly Manx businesses, because I think it does highlight the business community. It also helps you look within yourself and once you start looking within yourself and you start speaking to your customers it’s nice, particularly some of the things your customers say. It’s emotional. We’re now starting again looking at what we do, we have got a really prestigious award, where do we go from here? We are working on other ways of customer excellence. But it’s not just customers, it’s the staff too. I think a lot of our staff, without them this would never have happened.’

As for the after effects of winning at the Awards, Tommy said Bridson and Horrox has been making the most of the accolade.

‘We’ve been using the winner’s logo on our letter heads, website and at the end of emails,’ he said. ‘We went massive with it because to us it was massive.’

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