Damage to cars is just mindless

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JAN Knight, who lives in Truggan Road, Port St Mary, was one person affected.

‘I got up in the morning and found some nice person had sprayed it for me,’ she said.

COUNTING THE COST: Jan Knight with her car which was one of the 70-odd hit in the attacks. PHOTO: John Maddrell JM121008 (39).

COUNTING THE COST: Jan Knight with her car which was one of the 70-odd hit in the attacks. PHOTO: John Maddrell JM121008 (39).

‘It’s even melted the plastic of one of the back lights. I’ve been estimated £200 for the repair bill. If I go through the insurance I have to pay £150 excess.

‘In a sense I was glad it wasn’t a personal attack on me but when I heard how many were involved...It’s an awful lot of money. Our camper van had been parked there and it’s just been repainted so I’m glad we moved it.’

Jan said she had just started up a new nursery at Colby and set up costs meant money was tight.

‘A bill like that hits even harder,’ she said.

‘And the other knock-on effect is needing the car for work and to pick the children up from school. Now I have to go and get the car sprayed and that means I can end up letting other people down. It’s just mindless. Have they got nothing better to do? You can either waste your time or you can make something of your time. This is £200 I can ill afford to pay out at the moment.’

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Port Erin Commissioners’ chairman Ged Power said cars had been targeted around the south of the island, possibly by a substance sprayed from a passing vehicle.

‘Port Erin has had excellent crime levels for many years so for something like this to happen is surprising but I have every confidence the police will be pursuing every avenue and will catch the perpetrators,’ he said.

Mr Power said such incidents were rare but not completely unknown, referring to a similar incident of damage to cars in Peel 12 years ago, but he added this would make a big spike in the Port Erin crime figures which were usually around 150 per year.

Sergeant Gary Heaton of Port Erin police said the vandals struck between 6.30pm and 9pm on Sunday in Truggan Road, Athol Park and Ballafesson Road, Port Erin, and Bowling Green Road, Bridge Street and Arbory Road in Castletown.

He said they were renewing their appeal for people to come forward with infomation: ‘Someone must know something. I don’t believe they have kept their mouths shut.’

Anyone with information should contact Port Erin police on 832222 or Crimestoppers, which has offered a £1,000 reward for information, on 0800 555111.

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