Darrill is the police inspector for the west, the south and now the north as well

Inspector Darrill Pearson

Inspector Darrill Pearson

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Inspector Darrill Pearson has assumed responsibility for the Northern Neighbourhood Policing Team.

He is already the inspector heading up the Western and Southern Neighbourhood Policing Teams.

Inspector Pearson takes over in the north from Inspector Stuart Gardner, who has returned to police headquarters.

Inspector Pearson has been a police officer for 23 years, the first eight of which were served with the Metropolitan Police service in London’s East End.

He joined the Isle of Man Constabulary in 1999 and has a broad base of experience, including detective work.

After leading the Western Neighbourhood Policing Team for 18 months, he was appointed to the southern team this April and has now assumed responsibility for the north.

Inspector Pearson said he looked forward to forging productive working relations with the commissioners and will aim to deliver ‘local solutions to tailored to meet the identified needs of the communities of the north’.

He told them he was committed to the neighbourhood policing model.

Chief Constable Gary Roberts announced police cuts in June

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