Dawne treks 100km across Sahara Desert

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A CASTLETOWN woman has raised over £4,000 by completing a 100km charity trek across the Sahara Desert.

Dawne Archer, 53, who has a blood clotting disorder, put on her walking boots in aid of Lifeblood: The Thrombosis Charity.

Recalling her achievement the housewife, who stated ‘it was a tough challenge in the intense heat’, said: ‘Yes, I walked everyone of those 100kms. Walking over the finish line into our final camp was immensely emotional for all of us.

‘Now I feel relieved that I managed to live up to my promises and very humbled by the generosity of all who have given either money, time or items for selling on.’

The group of trekkers camped out for the week, including one very cold night at the foot of immense sand dunes, even getting rained on.

Dawne chose the trek in support of the charity, after surviving two blood clots and living with a blood clotting disorder.

Eleven years ago Dawne’s father died of a blood clot, which formed in his leg and moved into his lung.

Little was known of genetic markers in 1986 but Dawne was later tested by doctors who found an inherited clotting disorder called Factor V Leiden.

Dawne has proved it is possible to lead a full and active life, despite such a diagnosis.

Having already had a clot, she is 10 times more likely than someone without Factor V to get another one.

This incidence can increase to 80 times more when this is inherited from both parents (this is not unusual as it is present in one in 20 individuals of European origin).

DVT is often associated with ‘economy class syndrome’ on flights as it can be caused by immobility in a confined space. Dawne takes several precautions when flying and avoids alcohol and caffeine in favour of water. She also gets up to walk around whenever possible.

On flights over four hours Dawne injects herself with the anti-coagulant Heparin and wears compression stockings on all journeys (car, bus and plane if of long duration).

‘I am that person the flight crew love to hate!’ said Dawne.

All money raised will be donated to the charity, after Dawne paid for all her own expenses.

The support Dawne received from friends and family is something she is very grateful for, she said: ‘Both friends and family were really supportive of my fundraising efforts and my wish to undertake this challenge.

‘They are hugely impressed that I managed the physical demands of the trek! But it is not possible to do anything like this alone, it truly has been a team effort.’

Dawne stated for the time being she won’t be doing anything on this scale, but she said ‘never say never’.

She will always have the Lifeblood: The Thrombosis Charity in mind when she does coffee morning or car boot sales.

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