Deemster ‘assaulted’ by defendant

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A DEEMSTER was allegedly assaulted by a court defendant earlier this week.

Today’s Manx Independent has the story on the front page.

The main picture on page one is of the Isle of Man. Nothing unusual about that. But it’s the whole island, as taken from space by an astronaut.

It’s a remarkable photo. You’re probably on it!

Inside the paper, there’s a funny story about Allan Bell. Well, not quite about the chief minister but certainly featuring him.

An eagle-eyed reader spotted his photo on an internet site for an insurance company attached to a recommendation for the firm.

So how come Mr Bell’s photo was there? The Manx Independent reveals all.

If you’re a glutton, we have some good news for you about how you can get a free meal. You’ll have to eat a 2lb burger to do so.

The paper also talks to the family of Doug Spencer, the 19-year-old biker killed in an accident last year. They’re calling for driving tests for the elderly.

In Peel, workmen have dug a big hole on the football pitch. We look into it.

The back page has the news that the line-up of TT stars is one of the best for years.

The Manx Independent also features your guide to leisure, including the Isle of Man’s two-page What’s On guide.

The Manx Independent is in the shops now.

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