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SEEKING WORK: Daniel Raine at the Ramsey Hairpin holding his placard

SEEKING WORK: Daniel Raine at the Ramsey Hairpin holding his placard

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A YOUNG man standing at the Hairpin, Ramsey, holding a placard with the words ‘I Need A Job’, has been turning heads as commuters drive to and from work.

Daniel Raine, aged 24, of Mooragh Promenade ,began his vigil last week, maintaining his post for three hours from 7am and for another three in the afternoon from 3pm. He intends to carry on until he gets a job.

By adopting this unusual approach he hopes to get his message across and that someone, somewhere, will offer him full time employment.

He holds a qualification in IT after three years study at the Isle of Man College in Douglas, but, like many of his generation, has had difficulty in obtaining full time work.

He is presently working part-time in a supermarket, but is acutely aware that this is not what he spent three years at college for.

He decided to make a stand – literally – after a sleepless night, worrying about what to do next.

‘It just got to the point where I have sent out so many applications and CVs and had so few replies, that I just thought “Why not? There are all these people going over the mountain to work in the mornings, if I make myself visible maybe one of them will offer me a job”.

He has been surprised at the response. People have been honking their horns and giving him the thumbs-up.

‘One man from a recruitment agency stopped and offered to help me re-write my CV,’ he said.

Daniel is one of thousands of school leavers and college graduates on the island who are claiming Job Seekers’ Allowance. But the money does not go far. Half of it goes on his rent alone.

‘I am not blaming anyone for my situation,’ he says. ‘There’s not a great deal of jobs out there and there are lots of people applying for them.’

His departure from the ‘standard operating procedure’ of sending out applications and waiting patiently for replies just might pay off. His initiative and determination might be just the qualities a prospective employer is looking for.

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