‘Disgusting’ state of town square

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The square in Castletown is left in a ‘disgusting’ state after drinking there on Saturday nights, said commissioner Andrew Thomas – and he asked the authority to do something about .

He told the board: ‘There is debris in the square every Sunday morning, there are bottles and glasses all over it. It’s like that every Sunday morning. It’s absolutely disgusting, we need to stop it.

‘Where are they coming from? Police said it is a normal Saturday night. Can we ask the police to find out?’

He added: ‘We know Castletown has more off licences than – it seems - anywhere else in the UK [the high number of off licences in town emerged during failed attempts to open a Tesco Express in town].

‘It seems we have a problem with drinking. We need to do something about it. It should not happen. Why should our rate payers pay for it? It’s not part of the commissioners’ or employees’ function to be clearing up.’

Chairman Richard McAleer suggested they write a ‘polite letter’ to publicans and off licences and ask them to ‘have a quick look outside’ before they lock up at night.

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