Do Isle of Man TT winners go over the top with the bubbly?

Scouts have been updating the scoreboard at the Isle of Man TT for decades

Scouts have been updating the scoreboard at the Isle of Man TT for decades

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A visitor during TT fortnight has told the Manx Independent he thought it ‘inappropriate’ for the star riders on the podium to drench the boy Scouts in champagne when they celebrate.

The island’s Scouts have traditionally manned the scoreboard, writing up the positions and lap times of the various riders in each race, and as part of their duties they are also in attendance when the top three riders mount the podium and the champagne cork is popped.

But Alan Graveston, who comes from Fleetwood in Lancashire, said he felt some of the celebrations went way over the top at the Scouts’ expense.

‘They just seem to pour it over the kids and it seems to me to be almost an assault on a young person sometimes,’ he said.

‘When I was watching there were two scouts – one standing with the Union Jack and the other with the Manx flag – as the trophies are being presented and the champagne was being splashed everywhere and it just seems to go all over them.

‘If the Scouts withdrew their support they would be sadly missed.’

Island Scout commissioner Peter Young said he understood Mr Graveston’s concerns when celebrations were particularly exuberant but added the scouts generally loved being in the winners’ enclosure and regarded the champagne spraying as part of the fun.

‘The competition among Scouts to get on the podium is tremendous. Everyone wants to get there and being sprayed with champagne is part of it. I’m not aware we’ve ever had a complaint,’ he said.

He added when Michael Dunlop drenched one of the scouts he gave them his winner’s hat, which more than compensated.

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