Do not jump into Manx harbours - warning

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The Department of Infrastructure’s Ports Division is urging people to be aware of the dangers of jumping into, or swimming in, any of the island’s harbours.

Officers are concerned that members of the public, particularly children and young people, are not aware of the danger posed by moving boats, the shock that can occur from suddenly entering cold water and the serious consequences presented by not knowing the depth of the water into which someone might jump.

Leaping from harbours, breakwaters or piers is sometimes referred to as ‘tombstoning’ because of the risky nature of this activity.

Although there has yet to be a serious incident in the island, there have been several well-publicised incidents of people suffering severe injuries across the UK due to tombstoning.

In an effort to minimise the risk of this activity, the Ports Division has designed and erected safety information signs on all its piers and around Laxey harbour.

The DoI is urging people to take notice of these signs and to listen to any Ports Division officers if they advise that an activity should stop, as they will be aware of any particular dangers in that area.

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