Do you want to tell your news to our readers?

If you think you'd like to write for Isle of Man Newspapers titles, come along to one of our open evenings

If you think you'd like to write for Isle of Man Newspapers titles, come along to one of our open evenings

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Isle of Man Newspapers is looking for new and more varied sources of news.

A good newspaper’s best contacts and sources of news have always been its readers. It’s how we find out about a lot of what’s happening in the island.

But we want to get even closer to our community and are therefore inviting readers to write directly for our papers in a new section in the Examiner and called Your News.

You might be involved in a club, a church, a charity, a volunteer group, a school or any number of different areas.

You may even see writing as a future career and wish to gain experience writing about topics which interest you.

This is an opportunity for you to share your news with the Manx public in a more direct way than ever before.

Isle of Man Newspapers is to hold two open evenings for people who might be interested in writing for us regularly to come and chat to our editorial staff about how we work and the sorts of things we’re looking for.

The evenings will be from 6pm on Thursday, January 23, and Tuesday, January 28, at our headquarters in Peel Road, Douglas.

Editor Richard Butt said: ‘We’d love to see as many people as possible so we can talk about this initiative to ensure the community remains at the heart of our newspapers.

‘We want to give readers space to tell their news directly to other people.

‘The truth is a lot of our news has always come this way but we now want to acknowledge where it’s come from, so the people who write it will be credited.

‘Of course, we won’t be simply cutting and pasting their words into the paper. We will check it and ensure that there are no legal problems with it first.

‘However, I envisage this to be a kind of “light editing”, which will keep intact the information from the readers.’

Your News will be different from the letters pages, which are a forum for readers’ views on what’s happening in the island and that the Your News pages wouldn’t simply be a place for people to get things off their chest.

Mr Butt added: ‘Our sports coverage has always relied on people with an interest in their sport contributing to the paper. That’s always been a massively important part of our sports coverage.

‘We’d like to replicate that in our news coverage.’

If you’re interested in coming, please email to let us know you’re interested, so we have an idea of numbers.

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