Don’t be complacent say police

News from the police

News from the police

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Residents in Crosby are asked to step up security of their vehicles after a man was discovered trying car doors.

A man was arrested just after 4am early hours of Monday after a diligent member of public saw someone acting suspiciously around motor vehicles in the area.

A 43-year-old from Peel will be appearing in court on Thursday, charged with an offence of handling stolen property and going equipped to steal.

Police are appealing to Crosby residents to check their vehicles and advise the police if their vehicle has been tampered with.

A spokesman said: ‘While at this time this is limited to the Crosby area, people all island should take reasonable security measures to prevent such opportunistic thefts.

‘This is simply locking vehicles and not having valuables on view. Enjoy our safe island but do not become comfortably complacent.’

Anyone one with information should contact Peel police station on 842208 or police headquarters on 631212.

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