Don’t block main road to hospital

Cars parked on the main hospital road

Cars parked on the main hospital road

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AN appeal has gone out to supporters, players and officials attending sports events at the Ballafletcher complex not to park on the main Noble’s Hospital road.

Parking problems arose on Saturday when those not able to squeeze into the dedicated Ballafletcher car park spilled out onto the road, potentially blocking a bus route and hospital access.

When approached by the Manx Independent, FA vice-president Tony Mepham reminded people that, as part of an agreement with the Department of Health, the main hospital car park is available as an overflow facility.

‘The agreement is that the car park at Ballafletcher, which has 120 spaces, is the hospital’s, because it is on DoH land,’ said Mr Mepham.

‘That car park can be used Monday to Friday by hospital staff and patients. And then, when the hospital car park is empty on Saturday because nobody goes up there, we are allowed to use that. I was shocked when I heard about what had happened on Saturday. People are probably not aware that the facility is there for them to use the hospital car park as an overflow.’

Saturday’s log jam came about as three matches were held at the same time: two Canada Life Premier League football fixtures – Corinthians v Ayre and Douglas Royal v Peel – and a rugby tie between Vagabonds and Nomads in the BSM Manx Cup semi final.

Ballafletcher is the home ground for Corinthians and Douglas Royal. The clubs moved there from their old pitches at Noble’s Park in September.

Vagabonds will make the official move to Ballafletcher once their club house is completed later this year.

They have been using the Ballafletcher ground recently, however, as their pitch at Glencrutchery Road is waterlogged.

Mr Mepham, who is chairman of Corinthians, said the Ballafletcher facilities are the island’s best and are likely to be used to their fullest extent regularly.

This means parking issues will arise at the weekend – he urged anyone attending to remember the main hospital car park is available.

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