Don’t park large vans on our roads

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LARGE work vans and motorhomes should be parked off-road – that’s the view of most people who took part in a public consultation.

As a result the Department of Infrastructure has vowed to try to identify appropriate parking spaces for such large vehicles.

The department has released the results of its consultation on large vehicles parked in residential areas online at

They indicate that participants felt work vehicles should be parked at a place of work and even self-employed people should try to find a designated parking space to park their vehicles. Most people were also not in favour of motorhomes being left on residential roads for long periods of time. They felt owners should be responsible for finding suitable off-road parking for their vehicles.

The consultation also indicated support of the view that government and local authorities should identify land for the purpose of parking large vehicles but that this should be undertaken at no cost to taxpayers or rate payers. And participants agreed that planning consent for ‘change of use’ should be simplified so warehouses/barns can be used for storing motorhomes.

Suppport was provided for the amendment of the overnight and weekend waiting regulations 1993 to prevent large vehicles parking in residential areas.

However, motorhome owners taking part in the consultation said they tried to park responsibly if they did not have off-road parking available to them. And that if long-term overnight parking is to be denied, it is essential that suitable alternative accommodation is identified.

Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne MHK said he would be trying to identify any areas which could be used for off-street parking of large vehicles.

He encouraged local authorities to do the same and said Douglas Corporation has already identified an area behind the Grandstand.

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