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News from the police

News from the police

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Police have appealed to the public not to speculate on social media about a crime.

On Saturday, the theft of a charity tin from a Douglas business was reported to the force.

In a police statement, Sergeant William Moffatt said that the police were aware that CCTV footage had been released onto social media by a third party and this footage had received numerous comments and posts.

He added that what he described as ‘a male person’ had been arrested a short time after the offence and he was assisting with the investigation.

He said: ‘Police would like to thank the members of the public that have commented on this post but would request for the protection of any investigation that they refrain from speculating and giving names of persons allegedly responsible.

‘If anyone has information, can I request that the information is given either directly to a police officer or through Crimestoppers which is anonymous?’

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