Don’t take a dip in the island’s reservoirs

Sulby reservoir, the island's biggest

Sulby reservoir, the island's biggest

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People are being warned that it is illegal to swim in the island’s reservoirs.

The Water and Sewerage Authority has sent out a message reminding the public of the dangers of swimming in inland waters, such as quarries and reservoirs.

Its press statement says that every year emergency services across the UK are called to incidents where people, particularly young people, get into difficulty after taking a dip in open water. This has, on a number of occasions, led to a tragedy and the loss of life.

A Water Authority spokesman said: ‘Although the still water may seem harmless, it can be an insidious killer which can claim a life in minutes.

‘There are dangers due to strong underwater currents, particularly if water is being drawn off through the large diameter pipes which lie beneath the surface, but it is more often the temperature of these deep bodies of water which has been the most significant factor when fatalities occur.’

Chief executive Peter Winstanley added: ‘Swimming is prohibited in all the authority’ s reservoirs but we also want to take the opportunity to advise the public of the dangers of swimming in all inland waters and to stay safe this summer.’

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