Douglas street lighting revamp to cost £350,000

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A sophisticated lighting management system for Douglas costing £350,000 is to be phased in over a three-year period.

The new system will have control over the town’s 4,300 street lights, allowing them to be controlled centrally where they can be switched on and off.

Currently the lights are switched on and off by light sensitive photo-electric cells or time switches.

Councillors have been told research was completed to examine the most effective way of updating the lighting control systems in the borough and the recommendation was to adopt the Lucy Zodion WiMAC central management system.

This allows wireless control of all public lighting.

A three year change-over programme is anticipated during which all the lamp posts will be converted to LED lighting, as required by the new system.

Councillor David Ashford said the council budgeted around £200,000 each year for lighting maintenance and added the new scheme would be an asset because the existing timing mechanisms in the lamp posts often failed and had to be manually reset. He said it would save manpower because resetting could be done remotely from a central control.

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