Eastern Airways to withdraw routes

EASTERN Airways has confirmed it will withdraw services from the Island from August 24.

Last week, the airline announced it was closing its crew base in the Isle of Man – with the aim to re-deploy within the company the seven pilots and cabin crew affected.

It also said it was reviewing its schedules and timings with a view of having flights start out from the UK to the Island, instead of vice versa.

>>Travel watchdog concern about Eastern Airways' changes

03 August 2009

But the airline today (Wednesday) said it was withdrawing its Birmingham and Newcastle routes.

An Eastern Airways spokesman said: 'Following a review of Eastern Airways' Isle of Man routes a decision has now been taken to withdraw services from August 24.

'We took over the Birmingham route five years ago, introducing high frequency flights after British Airways CitiExpress withdrew its service. However, with the current tough economic trading conditions, demand for business travel on the Birmingham route has reduced dramatically. The frequency reduction we implemented last October also took this into account.

'Since then, the business market to Birmingham has diminished even further with no signs of recovery or improvement.

'This has significantly affected the viability of our flights and we're left with no alternative but to withdraw the service. As a result of this the Newcastle flights have also been withdrawn.

'The aircraft will be redeployed to develop routes where there is demand from energy and extractive industries both nationally and internationally.

'All our services are constantly monitored to ensure they remain viable.'


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This comes as no surprise. 200 return to Newcastle? No thanks - it's cheaper to get the train to Manchester and fly from there!


Oh great! Now the only way to get back home from Birmingham airport is with Fly Maybe. At least Eastern Airways punctual and never lost my luggage and also didn't charge a fortune for a cup of tea, unlike the only operator that's left.


I suppose it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that by this time next year we will be left with Flybe as the ONLY way of getting off the island, apart from the Steam Packet!


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