ELECTION LIVE: It’s time to make your vote count

Election day

Election day

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Voters are going to the polls in what is being billed as one of the most important Manx elections in a generation.

There are 63 candidates across the 12 constituencies who are seeking your vote.




There’s been some big changes to parliamentary boundaries. The old system of 15 one, two and three seat constituencies has been replaced and now voters are being asked to elect two MHKs in each of 12 new-look constituencies.

Voters in Douglas East will have eight candidates to choose from but in the new combined constituency of Glenfaba and Peel there are just three.

There are seven candidates standing in Arbory, Castletown and Malew, six each in Ayre and Michael and Douglas Central, five in Douglas North, Garff, Onchan, Ramsey and Rushen and four apiece in Douglas South and Middle.

There are 13 female candidates standing - nearly double the number who stood in the 2011 general election.

Polling stations opened at 8am and will close at 8pm tonight.

Poll cards should have dropped through the letterboxes the week before the election. These give the location of your polling station. If you are registered to vote but have not received your poll card, you are still entitled to vote.

When you reach the polling station you will be directed to a poll clerk. You will be required to provide your name and address to the clerk who will check your name is on the electoral register.

You will then be given a ballot paper and you should mark your vote on the ballot paper secretly in one of the voting compartments. Put one X in the space to the right opposite the name of the candidate or candidates you wish to vote for.

You may vote for not more than two candidates. If you put any other mark on the ballot paper, your vote may not be counted.

Once you have marked your X or Xs, fold the ballot paper in two, show the official mark on the back to the presiding officer and put the paper into the ballot box.

If you spoil the ballot paper by mistake do not destroy it – give it back to the presiding officer and ask for another.

If you have difficulty marking your ballot paper and need help, ask to speak to the returning officer as soon as you arrive at the polling station. They are there to help you and if required may mark the ballot paper on your behalf.

Some people have already voted. Advance voters could vote on a day before polling day, at a time and venue agreed with the returning officer, whether or not they were on-island today.

Others have been allowed, in exceptional circumstances, to appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf.

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