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It has become the envy of emergency service providers across the world.

Emergency Services Joint Control Room (ESJCR) marks the 10th anniversary of its launch on Sunday April 19.

Most countries have separate control rooms to deal with police, fire and ambulance 999 calls, but everything is handled under one roof in the island. This can improve the co-ordination of multi-agency emergency incidents, reduce response times and ultimately help to save lives.

Since it became operational in April 2004, the purpose-built facility in Douglas has handled 332,520 emergency events, more than 184,000 emergency 999 calls and almost 4.5 million non-999 calls.

The severe weather and tidal flooding experienced at the beginning of the year once again brought the work of the control room into sharp focus and highlighted the benefits of an integrated approach. Similarly, the central co-ordination of police, fire and ambulance resources helped ensure a swift response to some major events in 2013, including the snowstorms in March and the incident on Bray Hill during the Senior TT.

The ESJCR, which is managed by the Communications Division of the Department of Home Affairs, has attracted interest from the UK, Channel Islands, Europe and the Middle East.

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