Ex-teacher drove his car after drinking

News from the courts

News from the courts

A 64-year-old retired teacher from Bride has been fined £800 and banned from driving for two years after admitting to drink-driving.

Garry Patrick Lavin, of Bride Road, pleaded guilty in court to the charge and was also ordered to pay costs of £270.66.

Prosecutor Hazel Carroon told the court how, on April 15 at 10.55pm, police received reports of a Ford Fiesta driven by Lavin, travelling into Ramsey on the Laxey Coast Road, crossing the centre line, and speeding up and slowing down.

Lavin was stopped by police and told them that he had had a ‘couple of drinks’.

He failed a roadside breathalyser test and was subsequently arrested.

Lavin twice took a breathlayser test producing a result of 47, the legal limit being 35.

If a test is below 50, the option of a blood test is offered.

Lavin took the blood test but also failed that with a result of 117, the legal limit being 80.

Defending Lavin in court, advocate John Wright said that the facts were accepted as presented by the prosecution.

Mr Wright said: ‘This is his first offence. He has ruined his previous good character through a moment of misjudgement.

‘My client had been out with his son and arranged for his son to drive home but something went wrong over the designated driver.’

The court heard that Lavin had retired from teaching 20 years ago due to ill health.

Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes gave Lavin credit for reaching 64 years of age without any previous convictions.

‘You have lost your good character. The level of reading is significant and you were said to be speeding up and slowing down, crossing the centre line. Why you chose to drive is something you don’t know, but something you’ll pay heavily for.’

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