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WINNER: Margaret Simpson of Hospice Isle of Man

WINNER: Margaret Simpson of Hospice Isle of Man

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MARGARET Simpson, chief executive of Hospice Isle of Man, found the after-effects of winning the Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence People Management and Development category last year were far-reaching.

The award came as a result of a large piece of work Hospice did on modernising and revising the organisational structure and pay packages.

It involved the creation of revised job descriptions for staff, a competencies framework and personal development portfolios, along with a structured education programme and formal workbooks for induction and work place-based learning.

Currently Hospice employs more than 150 staff, the majority being clinical. Over 50 of these are made up of bank (on-call) staff.

Hospice also relies heavily on its 600 volunteer workforce. Running costs to look after about 350 patients and their families runs to £3.5 million each year.

It is a true testament to the founding committee of this well-loved charity that started with one doctor and one part-time nurse 30 years ago that the organisation continues to thrive, evolve and develop.

Margaret said: ‘Winning an award was important to prove to the board of governors and the general public that Hospice is performing well in its approach to staff management and development.’

She said it was also important in instilling confidence in would-be employees in the competitive world in which we live.

‘I feel it is an excellent reflection on the Isle of Man in general and for the Hospice’s reputation because we won this category,’ she added.

‘I sent this news item to a UK-based lead organisation Help the Hospices, of which we are members, and received great feedback. The news bulletin, which is sent out every week to around 200 hospices in Britain and abroad, really put Hospice and indeed the Isle of Man on the international map.

‘It’s an instant message, especially in this category, that this organisation is very good.’

Margaret’s pride at the win is evident.

‘We had to involve staff every step of the way, for the changes to be successfully implemented. Staff had to buy into them, so we ensured this happened throughout the process, so much so we ended up with everyone accepting the change happily because no-one felt disadvantaged,’ said Margaret.

Since the introduction of the new framework, the results of staff surveys have been fantastic, with 98 per cent of the participants stating that they are proud to work for the Hospice.

Winning this award and the Teamwork award in 2009, shows just how far the organisation has come in those three decades. Above all, Margaret hopes it instils confidence in patients and families and serves as a great staff motivator.

‘We tell people we provide high quality, excellent care but to be able to say we have this well-run, well managed organisation and have won nationally recognised awards can only be good for its future,’ she said.

This year’s Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence, in association with RBS International, will be held on November 15.

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