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A farmer has been refused retrospective planning approval to landfill an area of Earystane plantation, Colby.

Richard Costain of Moorhouse Farm Ltd, of Mount Gawne Road, Colby, had applied (13/00369/B) to dispose of inert waste for farmyard purposes at the plantation.

But the planning committee has refused the retrospective application on the grounds that it did not ‘satisfactorily demonstrate that the continued use of the land for tipping would not result in a harmful impact on the road network, the environment or the landscape or have an adverse visual impact’.

In his application, Mr Costain said the area was being infilled to provide a new farm yard – and planning consent had previously been secured for the whole site. He said: ‘We are genuine full-time farmers of longstanding. We achieved planning permission for this whole site. We have had the usual difficulties from people who do not understand our farming operation.’

He explained that the area that has been infilled had proved its worth and had been the only dry farm ground during the winter of 2012-13.

Mr Costain said: ‘The site is the ideal position for our new farm yard for the area. We farm cattle, sheep and crops.

‘We are actively progressing a building programme with the advice and agreement of the local agricultural field ofiicer. Farming is a long term business, it is essential that we obtain permission to infill the land on our planning application for future needs. Inert infill material can only be obtained when available. The finished level will equate to the present infill.’

Mr Costain said the area had been bog until the 1970s when it was planted with conifers as a crop.

Moorhouse Farm Ltd also farms a considerable acreage at Ronague, Round Table, Glen Rushen and Cronk ny Arrey Laa.

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