Fatal Cork crash on Keys agenda

Tynwald buildings, Douglas

Tynwald buildings, Douglas

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The House of Keys meets today (Tuesday) with seven questions tabled for oral answer and 15 for written.

Peter Karran (Lib Van, Onchan) will ask Chief Minister Allan Bell for more safeguards in the airline industry.

He has also tabled a question for Economic Development Minister John Shimmin about changes to policy on safety following the Manx2 crash in Cork in 2011.

His Lib Van colleague Kate Beecroft (Douglas South) will ask how many unannounced ramp inspections were made at Ronaldsway from 2009 to 2013.

Mrs Beecroft also wants to know how many films have been made since Pinewood Film Advisors became managers of the Media Development Fund, although her question doesn’t ask how many were made in the Isle of Man.

Her third question asks John Houghton, the chairman of the Water and Sewerage Authority, whether the draft feasibility report on the location of a sewerage works for Peel can be placed in the Tynwald Library.

Chris Thomas (Douglas West) will ask Education Minister Tim Crookall about the department’s management structure and wheter it has been benchmarked against others in the British Isles.

For written answer, he has a number of finance-related questions.

As well as wondering why the ‘toilet tax’ was not mentioned in a statement the chief minister made to the Keys in June, he also wants to know the level of government subsidy for public transport, housing, leisure and the environment.

In a separate question, he wants Eddie Teare, the Treasury Minister, to work out how much extra revenue the taxman could get if the current £115,000 ceiling on income tax were raised by £5,000 and for any evidence that that would make them move off the island.

Mr Thomas also wants to know how much was collected in road traffic fines over recent years and how much it costs to administer.

Bill Henderson (Douglas North) wants the chief minister to estimate the cost of a Freedom of Information Act and how close the government is to achieving the law’s aims with its currrent procedures.

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