Fire crews called to kitchen fire

News from the fire service

News from the fire service

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Two fire crews from Ramsey were called into action today (Saturday) to extinguish a kitchen fire.

Fire fighters attended a home in the Pairk Ollay estate in the town at 10.45am, where they discovered a tumble dryer on fire in the rear kitchen.

Station officer Roger Brown said: ‘The property was at the time occupied, fortunately they were made aware that there was a fire as the domestic fire alarm operated, the occupants called 999 and got out of the property unharmed.

‘The fire was confined mainly to the tumble dryer which was later removed from the property and the area involved in fire made safe.’

He added: ‘A subsequent investigation identified the possible cause as the dryer being placed on top of a flexible power lead to a neighbouring appliance which had caused it to rub through the protective sheath causing it to short circuit and set fire to the flooring.’

The fire safety department issued the following advice:

• Don’t remove plugs by pulling the flex, as this can break the wires - pull on the housing of the plug instead

• Ensure that the outer sheath of the flex is fastened under the clamp within the plug

• Flex should not be run under carpets as any damage to it will go unseen.

• Periodically check all leads and cables for any damage, never use an appliance if it is damaged.

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