Flood damaged sea wall is set to be replaced

Damage sustained during last winter's storms

Damage sustained during last winter's storms

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The section of sea wall on Mooragh Promenade that collapsed in flooding in February could soon be replaced if planning approval is granted for the work.

The promenade in Ramsey was one of the casualties of a big spring tide and strong winds.

Now the Department of Infrastructure is seeking approval (14/00884/B) to replace a 70-metre section of collapsed sea wall, which should provide better protection. It will be raised by about 30cm and incorporate a ‘wave return feature’.

A DoI spokesman told the Manx Independent: ‘The wave return is a concave face to the wall which prevents waves from overtopping the wall and provides extra protection for the toe of the wall. Curved sea walls aim to redirect most of the incident energy, resulting in low reflected waves and much reduced turbulence.’

The DoI hope work will start early next year, subject to planning and funding approval. Construction costs are estimated at about £350,000.

Ramsey Commissioners are due to discuss the application at this month’s meeting.

Town clerk Peter Whiteway said commissioners had been concerned the weakness in the wall could lead to further damage.

‘We are pleased to see work being done in the area because it will return it to a presentable section of promenade and protect the coast line from further damage. We do have some concern for the future whether further work will be needed to ensure the remaining section of promenade will be safe.’

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